Daria VinylSmiles
Daria is a professional performer, a high-level flow artist and an experienced teacher of fire fans. She is well known for her teaching of fire fans in Russia, Europe and Asia, and online around the world. Founder and teacher of the Online Russian Style Fire Fans School - Cosmic Fans. She is also a trained dancer and a qualified yoga instructor, so she combines her deep knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and body movements with art, performance and self-expression.

Her author methodology helps you to achieve your goals and build the technique along with other skills from the first steps with a comfortable pace in a pleasant environment.
Cosmic Fans by Daria VinylSmiles - it is the international school of fans in Russian style. The most astonishing style of the most spectacular kind of flow arts from Northern Venice, St.Petersburg directly to you, wherever you are. This style helps to convey the beauty, the character, the originality and fantasy of what is around and within us.

Cosmic Fans - it's flow, it's the motion, it's art, it's a way to find or express yourself that unites people from all over the world. My mission is to make these bright, expressive and memorable art forms available to you if you want to learn it. The main thing is your desire. No matter where you are, no matter what your background or skills are - now you can make this art a part of your image, your life, and your self-expression. You can get this experience at first hand of top authentic Russian master in one click.
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Experienced and authentic teacher
A well-known master with more than 12 years of experience as a flow artist from Russia - the origin of this style. Hundreds of classes, workshops, courses and lessons have been given. And there's more to come.
Russian Fire Fans Style
The brightest, unique and the most spectacular form of flow art combined with dance moves and artistry. Suitable for both beginners and advanced spinners and professional artists. You can learn from scratch or dive into hardcore drill - I always find something to surprise you.
Energy and support from the group classes help to maintain discipline and motivation that delivers you visible constant progress and a lot of fun. Connection, communication and collaboration with like-minded people from different countries.
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Yes! It was so good! So much new information for my head and body. My body feels much differently then when I normally practice. I can tell this is an uplevel!! Exited to drill the recording.
That was my first class and I already learned something I've never done before + I get to translate those moves to hooping so it's a double win !!
The thing I appreciate most about Daria as a fan instructor is her knowledge of how the human body moves which is demonstrated both in her emphasis on stretching and her critical eye in giving critique to improve my form in the moves taught. Daria's instruction is well organized and focused on elements that build off each other and are then put into sequences of moves to ensure we understand how to transition between them.
I really enjoy learning with you! Bonus: it feels like a social activity, in times of covid curfew...
I am a total beginner. Can I learn from you?
Cosmic Fans Basic Course. I made up this course especially for the beginners or people who were self-taught without access to a teacher or a good course. This course includes very detailed breakdowns on basic concepts, theory and all the complete basic groups of tricks – we go through every beginner to advanced move step by step together.
The Intensive Training or Master Group Series are also divided by levels, but they do move at a faster pace. So while these class series can still be a lot of fun and quite a challenge for total beginners, the Cosmic Fans Basic course will be the best for you to start with - step by step from scratch.
What do I need to have for your classes?
All you need is you, your fans and your WISH! You can be in either a good or bad mood, but I can assure you the practice will make it better anyways!
Can I spin fans if I'm not a girl?
Totally! The greatest fan spinners that brought the big impact to fans development and evolution to its technique are male - e.g. Rem, Doodle, Andrey Krestyaninov. We are free from any prejudices.
Where can I get my fans from?
The best options would be Svetobobr or Uncle Druulian stores for practice or fire fans and Neoflowart for LEDs. It's my personal recommendation - feel free to ask me about it or find the post about them on my Insta/Youtube. You can also use my code 'VINYLSMILES' to get some sweet discount at Svetobobr or Neoflowart.
Svetobobr: Etsy:
Uncle Druulian:
Neoflowart: (Use the discount code at the check-out.)
Does it matter what grip I have?
You can use any fire fan or practice fan that has a ring in the grip – small or large rings are suitable for my courses. All tricks in the Cosmic Fans classes are transferable, just some movements might be trickier with a specific kind of grip.
I cannot afford the full payment at the moment, can I pay by parts?
I am sorry, but it is not yet possible to provide instalments at the moment. But you can join the monthly subscription for the same courses on Patreon and start paying by months there. The price in total will be slightly higher than for the one-time payment here for the whole N-weeks access to the course but more affordable. As a bonus - you'll be able to keep learning as long as you need.
How does it work?
There are four kinds of classes available in the FireLily Dance studio – in-depth Courses, Live Classes, Intensives and Workshops. Courses are divided by levels, with detailed breakdowns over many workshops (e.g. Cosmic Fans Basic Course is 7 long workshops to follow along or to practice by pieces). Private live Classes or live Master Group Series along with Intensive Training and Workshops take place live over Zoom, and afterwards, the recording is available in the online studio. Intensive Training is usually made up of 2 or 3 classes where we learn various tricks and then make 2 or 3 ready-to-use choreographies which you can use in your performances or videos while workshops are a one-off class with a single focus. Live Master Group Series are longer courses with the complete curriculum to reach the whole new level of spinning or covering one complete group of tricks during weekly classes (the duration depends on the Series and group pace).

When signing up for the first time, you will create your own personal Cosmic Fans account. This is where your classes will be available.
How do I access my classes?
You can access your classes via your account dashboard. To go to your dashboard, click the 'Log in' button on the right-hand side of the top menu. All classes you have purchased will be listed there – ready for you to click through to start practicing!
How long do I get to access my class for after purchase?
You can access your classes during the period specified in the info about each course. The duration is different. Note, that if you buy 2 or more courses at the same time - the duration of your access to both courses is summed up while if you buy them separately, you'll have the separate availability for each course.
Where do I find the Zoom link to join live?
You will find your Zoom link in the closed page of the course after you sign in every time 8 hours in advance before the class.

Keep in mind that the class recordings of any live class series will be available for purchase even after the live sessions have finished – so you can join or revisit at any time!
What if the duration of a course is not enough for me to pass and finish it or I want to drill for longer time?
You can prolong your access by contacting me in any suitable way. Or you can choose the Patreon monthly subscription to manage the duration of your course yourself.
Can I perform any of the choreographies I learn on Cosmic Fans in public?
Yes, of course! I create choreographies for you to enjoy and share! It will be really pleasant for me if you could give me credits, but it's not obligatory! I'd also love to see any pictures or video, so feel free to tag @daria.flows or #cosmicfans on Instagram or tag Daria Vinylsmiles on Facebook!
Can I get a refund?
The refunds are not possible but you can postpone your course or give it as a gift to somebody else provided any major difficult circumstances happen. If it's a technical issue on my side - the prolonged access will be granted. Contact me to change the course owner or to choose the later date to start/continue. You need to inform me asap, the number of days left/granted will be counted from the date of the report.
What if the duration of a course is not enough for me to pass and finish it or I want to drill for longer time?
You can prolong your access by contacting me in any suitable way. Or you can choose the Patreon monthly subscription to manage the duration of your course yourself. Follow
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